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Herpes Dating Site


No one can understand a person diagnosed with herpes better than fellow sufferers. Communication with them may not only improve the physical state but also save from loneliness. If you suffer from herpes, but still want to enjoy life, you should certainly get acquainted with someone of your kind. Fortunately, the Internet can provide you with such an opportunity.  


People with the same diagnosis - users of free herpes dating sites - will help you avoid isolation and despondency. You can find friends, life companions and sexual partners among them. You’re guaranteed a range of positive emotions from open conversations and exciting intimate adventures.


Despite the unpleasant disease, your life can take on meaning again, become joyful and free from fear of exposure and constant restrictions. You’ll be surrounded by people who love you and feel a truly happy person.  

What should you know about meeting people with herpes?


It’s important to not to be left alone with your disease. For a start, deal with it: you only think that you’re alone. In fact, the herpes viruses are very common on our planet. 



About 65% to 90% of the population is infected with the herpes pathogen. Genital herpes occurs among all age groups absolutely. According to statistics, about one in six people aged 14 to 49 years is infected with genital herpes. 


The highest incidence is observed in people aged 20 to 29 years, however, there’s also the second peak that occurs at the age of 35 to 40 years. In fact, many victims of this infection don’t even know that they have it, for it doesn’t manifest itself in any way. 

Ambiguous attitude to herpes singles


Not all people regard this problem as a hindrance for a relationship. Many claim that it’s not the main thing. However, there’s still a prevailing prejudice against carriers of herpes virus in modern society.  


You can often hear how middlebrows compare genital herpes with AIDS and see the frightening videos telling about people infected with this virus as if they carried the plague.   


A sick person has to find comfort in the common truth that says: “You won’t kill herpes, but herpes won’t kill you either”. 

Difficulties in relationships for HSV singles


The numerous psychological tests revealed an interesting peculiarity. If a patient with herpes is asked to rank 5 or 6 inconveniences associated with this disease, the physical feelings will rarely be mentioned in the first place. People are much more concerned about the social and psychological aspects of herpes: 


  • it’s incurable;

  • there’s a risk of infecting the sexual partner; 

  • there’s a need to tell about the infection at the start of a new relationship. 


Many patients clearly had a vicious circle: a new relationship - fear of telling about the disease - stress - exacerbation of herpes. 

The herpes dating site  is a key to solving the problem


Experts advise approaching this problem with love of life and pragmatism. If you are oppressed by the socio-psychological situation associated with the disease, you have to change it. It’s important to find an environment where restrictions concerning the discussion of herpes are completely removed, and the stress is put on communication and leisure, and not on the disease itself. 


Hence the conclusion: when searching for new friends, don’t consider beaches, picnics, bars and parties (although these locations shouldn’t be ignored), but specialized herpes dating sites. On these resources, you’ll find those who understand the situation well and are open-minded. And that’s a promising fact. 

Herpes dating sites review


Unlike ordinary dating sites, you may easily find a partner or just an interlocutor on HSV Internet resources. The main thing is that you can avoid awkward situations. After all, each community member has the same diagnosis as you do. You may talk about it openly, without being ashamed of anything, without hiding your thoughts, feelings or desires. 


You’ll be surprised when you find out that many people gathering on HSV sites don’t perceive genital herpes as a horrible verdict. On the contrary, they are determined to overcome the loneliness encouraging the newcomers to join them, support each other, communicate, create new families and friendly communities. 


You’ll see that dating sites for people with herpes meet a wide range of needs of their users. They give a chance of starting a serious relationship to adherents of traditional values, and adventurers may establish contacts with those who like light flirting. You just need to explore the nuances of each platform and choose the most suitable one for you. 

Top dating sites for people with herpes 

Positive Singles


This resource unites nearly 1.6 million people aged 18 to 99. Its 20-year background boasts about 60 thousand successful dating stories. Nearly two-thirds of its participants are singles with herpes, the rest of the users have problems related to a wide STD spectrum.


All members of the community are guaranteed full confidentiality. Your profile and photos will only be available to the in-system users (if you want, you may only be visible to your chosen friends). The auto-search for suitable matches is based on the detailed profiles of each member of the community. 

A month of communication on this Internet platform will cost you $29.95. The premium options include getting instant assistance for legal, medical and psychological issues. As for communication tools, email, chat, blog, forum and mobile herpes dating apps are available. 



The impressive pool of this international service includes 200 thousand people thus increasing your chances of extending your contacts. There are only people with herpes here, so you can find people of your kind on this site. Just like you, they are in dire need of mutual understanding, friendship and love.


Navigation of this HSV dating resource is extremely simple and convenient. The users are provided with a wide range of communication tools - personal messaging, chat, mobile application. The monthly fee is $29.95, and it allows to use the blog, view profiles, chat on the forum and lead an email correspondence. Premium service expands the range of opportunities, for instance, it can provide additional filters to search for matches. The site administration guarantees confidentiality to each user and allows him/her to remain anonymous to all except for the chosen friends. 



Many singles who suffer from herpes find this oldest free platform for virtual acquaintances just ideal. The main advantages of web resource include the following: 


  • a huge customer base; 

  • access to many other dating sites of the different field; 

  • showing interest with the help of wink option; 

  • personal messaging with the chosen partner in the profile;

  • ability to use chat and a wide range of informative and entertaining online resources like e-books, games and videos, blog and forum;

  • the advanced search for matches; 

  • technical support service. 


The site pays attention to the privacy policy exactly to the extent acceptable for a completely free service. Provided that you ignore the intrusive advertising, you won’t have any inconvenience when using this website.



Any person with the herpes virus or HPV can become a  member of this largest Internet platform. This is how H-Date positions itself, although it’s actually open for people with various STD. 


Apart from single men and women, couples may also register here. The simplified creation of an account allows to quickly join the membership of the site that boasts more than 43,000 people already. 


The abundance of advertising on this platform is compensated by the free set of options. Each registered user can:


  • view profiles of other members; 

  • share photos and winks with the limited circle of favorites; 

  • respond to messages and get notifications with the contact offers.


The site will allow you to gain experience in communicating with people who have different diseases and search for mutual understanding and interest. 



The trial version of this site allows people who are new to dating with herpes to learn online communication skills for free. The community of the resource includes about 100 thousand STD-members, a fifth of which are active users. To increase your chance to find a soul mate among them, you should pay only $10 for a month’s use. The longer the period you stay on the site, the less this rate will become. For instance, you’ll have to pay only $60 for a year. 


The free options include the following: 


  • photo and video presentations; 

  • the set of virtual gifts, as well as kisses and winks for the chosen partners; 

  • exchange of a limited number of messages;

  • visiting forum where members share useful tips.


The paid options include: 


  • highlighting the profile; 

  • showing the reaction to the sent messages (whether they are read, ignored or deleted);

  • unlimited messages. 


The careful screening of information on the users, in particular, with the legal authorities, provides the security of herpes dating. Besides, each profile owner can see all visitors to the page.  



A friendly atmosphere of this herpes dating website allows you not only to make new pen friends but also meet your other half. The strict privacy policy excludes free membership. For the same reason, there is no trial version.


The one-off contribution for simplified registration amounts to $30 and provides access to the full functionality of the site including the following: 


  • uploading photos and videos to the profile; 

  • personal settings for filters and activity feed; 

  • chat with the opportunity of discussing; 

  • the forum that allows members to exchange their ideas; 

  • participating in closed Facebook and Twitter communities.  


By and large, HWERKS combines the features of a herpes dating site and social media. Not only people with herpes are welcome here, but also HPV carriers. The site values its reputation, that’s why the activity of its users is regularly checked by its administrators. Meetings with people who managed to find a life companion and start a new relationship are arranged here on an ongoing basis. 



This free service cares not so much about the number of its users, as about their security. This is the reason for a long approval period for new members. It may take several days, but then all members of the community can be sure of the confidentiality of their data. 


The site offers great opportunities for chatting in a friendly atmosphere. Apart from email, the users have other tools of social communication:


  • blogs;

  • forums;

  • news;

  • books about herpes and the ways of its treatment. 


The site interface allows you to track the users according to the following categories:  


  • last;

  • top; 

  • random; 

  • online. 


You may see the members who wished to abandon the anonymous status on the main page of the service. 




This British mail order bride site is designed to meet people infected with herpes or HPV. It fully lives up to its name which stands for “Your Positive Experience”. The main task of the resource os creating a comfortable environment for those who are exposed to various form of stigma in modern society. Everyone can count on friendly support and sincere love here. For delicate reasons, at the registration and on the site in general, the word “herpes” is avoided. 


The basic set of options includes the following: 


  • the updating of the profile and viewing the accounts of all its visitors;

  • adding video presentations to the profile;

  • advice on the forum;

  • forming a list of friends; 

  • viewing blogs and posts of other members of the community;

  • using the app of the website;  

  • setting the search for friends.


To use all the tools of the site including audio and video chat, electronic correspondence and instant messenger, you have to make a paid subscription choosing one of the tariffs offered to you. The maximum membership, that is, a lifetime one will cost you £94.95, and the minimum one lasting 30 days will cost you only £5,95. As the site owners assure, the customer funds are used for technical improvement of the service

Who are the users of HSV dating sites?


Most of the members of the dating sites for those infected with herpes are lonely representatives of the middle classes of society. Family people and those who are rich have their own life. People who are poorer solve their pressing problems and herpes bothers them not more than a runny nose or an upset stomach. 


However, even without including these categories, the social base of online dating for people with herpes is quite impressive. Nowadays, there are no less than 50 million carriers of HSV-1 and HSV-2 in the USA alone, although a third of them are unaware of this. Every two out of three herpes patients find a husband or a wife on the Web.


Experience tells that there are more chances of happiness for those who focus not so much on fighting against disease, but mostly on communication with singles with herpes.

Herpes dating sites: from chatting to healing


No, we’re not going to tell you about the miracles of recovery from herpes and raise your hopes in vain. Herpes is your lifelong companion. However, the virus can be jugulated, and its destructive activity can be stopped  - that’s a proven fact. And this is where dating sites may render an invaluable service.  


Here are a few positive emotional and mental effects provided by online dating: 


  1. You’ll cease to judge yourself and others too strictly, especially people of the opposite sex, they won’t seem to you strange, odious or disgusting to you.

  2. You’ll change your aloofness and critical attitude to people for trust and love. 

  3. You’ll stop to blame your fate or blame someone for being infected with herpes and making plans for revenge.

  4. You’ll get rid of the shame of publicity, prostration and other destructive manifestations. 


Your new online acquaintances are strong and responsive people. They will help you make the right decision to block the herpes virus. This decision may be expressed in the following words: “I’m absolutely normal and I behave naturally. I enjoy my sexuality and my body. I’m great and I’m worthy of happiness!” After overcoming the aloofness, you’ll reach the psychophysiological balance that will minimize the cases of disease exacerbation.  


You shouldn’t give in to panic, get discouraged or put an end to personal life because of herpes. There are medicines and doctors for this disease, besides, there are statistics on the birth of healthy children. In fact, everyone has an immune system, you should just maintain it correctly. Leading a healthy lifestyle, treating your nerves right, understanding of causes of your herpes recurrences and fruitful communication - all this can make your life much easier.  

How to date with herpes?


Consider these 5 tips from the experts on online communication: 


  1. Be honest with all the community members - there is no risk that you’ll be rejected on the site of herpes dating because of your physical status. 

  2. Feel free to share your problems with your online partners without fear of being caught in promiscuity, grubbiness or irresponsibility.

  3. Take more initiative in looking for partners using the toolkit of the site: instant messages, video chats, forums and blogs.  

  4. Be more open to the people on herpes dating sites. There are many decent persons among them including students, teachers, lawyers. Trust these people, and they will return the favor.  

  5. Share useful information with your partners as for your common disease, its manifestations, reasons for recurrences and methods of treatment. Such support will make your alliance much stronger.

Herpes singles dating: salvation from loneliness 


There are ancient traditions of uniting in the face of vices, diseases and everyday misfortunes. We don’t live in a stone age anymore, so a serious diagnosis is not a reason for pessimism. Living with herpes is not about waiting for the storm to end, it’s rather about dancing in the rain. The lack of life goals and voluntary seclusion is a much worse problem than genital herpes. Good luck! 



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